Unraveling the tangled web of small business marketing may be the most overwhelming experience for any small business owner.  As an entrepreneur, we believe that the business that we started is based on the skill that we possess.  The truth is…once an entrepreneur starts a business, their job is to market the business..

The DIY Small Business Marketing mission is to prepare small and start up businesses to leverage today’s current digital marketing tools with the foundation necessary to grow.  It is with this foundation that small business owners will better understand current Website hosting, social media, and Google related business tools that will put the small businesses owner in greater control of their destiny.

About Mike Fern

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Mike Fern, a seven-time entrepreneur and master instructor, knows first-hand that without marketing your business…there is no business to market.  As a master instructor with degrees in Business Psychology, Social Science, Modern Language and a Master’s in Computer Information Systems, Mike has developed courses in MIS, e-commerce, Web development and marketing for several colleges and universities.  Mike’s strength as a corporate trainer and developer is understanding learning from a student’s perspective and applying it to the business needs.  As a business technology consultant, Mike has worked with many start up companies and organizations in establishing their business presence and implementing appropriate Web-based application platforms.


My First Experience as an Entrepreneur

My first company. College Campus Tours, Inc.

My first company. College Campus Tours, Inc. and my first DIY business venture.

My two passions in life is being an entrepreneur and sharing what I learn with others.  It’s why I continue to start businesses AND teach others my lessons learned.  I became a high school teacher (early 90’s) after being laid off from corporate America at a young age.  Although I fell in love with teaching, I knew that I wanted to expand in direction.  It was in listening to my junior high school students complain about how difficult it was for their parents to take time off to go visit colleges that I had my first entrepreneurial inspiration.  After extensive research into this possible new business with my wife, I began signing contracts with tour buses, universities, etc., and started “College Campus Tours, Inc.” offering tours of all the major universities in Florida.  I learned on my own the hard way (there was no Google back then) how to complete my own corporate articles of incorporation, tax forms, contracts, etc., and the rest is history.



Without Marketing Your Business…There Will Be No Business to Market

“Build it and they will come”, a famous line from the movie “Field of Dreams”, only works in Hollywood movies.  The truth is that just because you create something doesn’t mean that anyone will ever know about it.  I had previous experience in the travel industry.  I had previous experience with several universities as a student.  I started a company that brought together these two worlds and to my surprise, nobody came.  This was the moment that I learned that those two skillsets were meaningless if I couldn’t market this business.  Hence “without marketing your business…there is no business to market”.

Once I understood the steps in starting, running and marketing my business, my attention shifted to finding other opportunities.  In time, based on my skills development and experiences, I’ve started and partnered with others to create several technology-based businesses, rental properties, university course-ware and even a health and nutrition business with my wife.


Lessons Learned

My entrepreneurial endeavors have taught me two things.  One is that the first order in starting a business is to bring in business or else there will be no business.  The second thing that I’ve learned (as a consultant) is that most small businesses are wasting or overspending their marketing budget mainly from not understanding how to market their own business and/or how to communicate their marketing needs to agencies.  How can they?  There are so many marketing directions to go in and financially affording an agency may be out of their price points early on.  My goal is to teach/train the foundations of small business marketing in a clear and structured way to improve the decision making process… even provide some hand-holding along the way.


Mike Fern
DIY Small Business Marketing